Undergraduate Programs in Portuguese


Portuguese is spoken by more than one hundred and seventy million people on four continents: Europe, Africa, Asia, and America. Twenty percent of all residents of the Western Hemisphere are Brazilians, who attest to the truth that one out of every five Americans - North, Central, South - speaks Portuguese as his or her native language.


Luso-Brazilian Courses

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The literature of Portugal has a tradition that goes back as far as the twelfth century, and the country's discoveries in the Renaissance led it to all corners of the globe. In the last two decades Portugal has given to Canada many thousands of new citizens, and Brazil is attracting the attention of Canadians through its vast potential as a land of culture, of natural resources, and of industry.

In addition to a full range of courses in language, Portuguese studies at the University of Toronto are concerned with the major trends and issues of Luso-Brazilian literature and culture and serve the programs in Ibero-American Studies, European Studies and in African Studies.

The Department encourages students to consider completing part of their course work at a university in Portugal or Brazil.

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Current as of August 25, 2015

HIS 291Y1 Latin America: The Colonial Period
HIS 292Y1 Latin America: The National Period
HIS 301H1 Imperial Spain
HIS 336H1 Medieval Spain
HIS 390Y1 Latin America in the Age of Revolution
HIS 441H1 Conversion and Christianities in the Early Modern Spanish World
HIS 456Y1 Black Slavery in Latin America
LAS 200Y1 Latin America: History, Civilization, Culture
JLP 315H1 Language Acquisition
POL 305Y1 Politics and Society in Latin America
POL 442H1 Topics in Latin American Politics
LIN 100Y1 Introduction General Linguistics
LIN 228H1 Phonetics
LIN 229H1 Sound Patterns
MUS 305H1 Latin American and Caribbean Music
GGR341H1 Changing Geography of Latin America

Language Courses for Specialist/Major in PRT:
SPA 100Y/220Y/319H/320Y (one only)

Language Courses for Specialist/Major in SPA:
PRT 100Y/110Y/220Y/320Y (one only)

In the department’s view,  the language citation is intended for students who wished to have their coursework recognized, indicating that they have attained a certain degree of knowledge of  the language, but do not have sufficient coursework to obtain a degree  (i.e., a major or a minor program).

Major or minor programs supersede the language citation.

To be considered, please complete the form below and attach a copy of your informal ROSI transcript.

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