Graduate Funding


Funding for graduate students comes in different forms. Some of it is part of a package when you are accepted to the program, and as a teaching assistantship. Other sources of funding are from within the University of Toronto ("internal" scholarships and awards) and from outside the university ("external" scholarships and awards). Click on the tabs below for more information on each option.


In accordance with general policy for units in the Faculty of Arts and Science, the department has determined a specific cohort for the purposes of graduate funding. This policy defines the funded cohort and sets out the terms of annual funding packages.

  1. The department funds full-time graduate students for five years of enrolment: one year in the MA program and four in the PhD program. A student who enters the PhD program on the basis of a master's degree or the equivalent from another university will be funded for four years. MA students should note that they must apply through the Graduate Coordinator to continue to the PhD program and that the PhD admissions process is competitive.

  2. All applicants who apply for admission to the graduate program by February 1 will be considered for funding.

  3. Each student in the funded cohort is provided with a base funding package as determined by the Faculty of Arts and Science.

  4. In the case of PhD students, continuation of funding from one year to another is dependent on adequate progress through the program, as defined by the departmental schedule of program requirements.

  5. The funding package consists of a base amount and tuition and fees. For more information about the Base Funding package, please visit The funding package is typically made up of TA-ship, University of Toronto Fellowship (UTF) Stipend payments and UTF Tuition payments. A student who has been accepted to the program and fails to apply or declines a Teaching Assistantship will not receive the component of the funding package derived from that source.

    Click on the TAships tab for information on Teaching Assistantships
    Read CUPE's Collective Agreement

  6. To maintain their eligibility for funding, all doctoral students in years 1-3 of the program who are eligible to apply for an Ontario Graduate Scholarship are required to submit an application for this award.  Canadian students and Permanent Residents are also strongly encouraged to apply for Doctoral Fellowships from SSHRC.  MA students are encouraged but not required to apply for external scholarships.

    Apply for a SSHRC Grant

    Apply for an OGS

  7. A student who holds a major external award or a major internal award is not eligible for the standard funding drawn from University of Toronto Fellowship funds.  Students with OGS and SSHRC awards, however, will receive top-up awards from this source, in accordance with Arts and Science policy.

  8. The department employs Teaching Assistants according to the provisions of the current Collective Agreement between the University of Toronto and CUPE Local 3902, Unit 1.  The Department will send all applicants that have been accepted and that have accepted our offer will be sent an email with the Teaching Assistantships available so they can apply.  Subsequent appointments are governed by the terms of the Collective Agreement.

  9. Students in years 5 and 6 of enrolment in the PhD program are not within the funded cohort and are not eligible for University of Toronto Fellowship funding.  In the case of full-time students who reside in Toronto, the department undertakes to offer a Teaching Assistantship or a Research Assistantship of at least 105 hours.  Such funding, however, is not guaranteed as a matter of policy.

  10. Part-time MA students are not eligible for funding.

Teaching Assistantships

A limited number of Teaching Assistantships (TAs) are available. Candidates must have a good four-year degree in Spanish, be admissible to the School of Graduate Studies, and have the firm intention of proceeding to the M.A. and then to the Ph.D. in Spanish at the University of Toronto and eventually to a university teaching career.

An exceptional command of Spanish, residence in Spanish-speaking countries, experience in teaching Spanish, or other special qualifications may be taken into account by the Selection Committee in making awards. Facility in the English language must be established by any applicant whose native language is not English.

Teaching Assistants occupying a regular position will be paid a maximum of 210 hours or a minimum of 170 hours for the full academic session.   Based on rates effective January 1, 2018, the hourly rate is $44.44, plus 4% vacation pay.

Work loads less than those of a regular position are paid on a pro-rata basis. It should be noted that partial TAships may be allotted. Consultation with the Graduate Coordinator or the Chair is suggested for every individual case.

Appointments are made for a period of one session only at the M.A. level and four sessions at the Ph.D. level. Appointments may (subject to the satisfactory performance by the appointees of their teaching duties and of their work as graduate students) be renewed up to and including the fourth post-M.A. year, with one exception: that no third subsequent appointment is owed to a graduate student registered in the 6th year or later of the Ph.D. program unless the holding of that appointment in the 6th year or later arises out of a deferral of a subsequent appointment. Renewal applications are due by February 1. TAs are required to teach up to six hours per week in the Department throughout the regular academic session, and to perform such other duties (e.g., examining) related to their teaching as the Chair may assign to them. They must also pursue a full program of studies in the School of Graduate Studies towards the M.A. or Ph.D. degree, with Spanish as the major subject. They must not accept employment outside the Department during the session without the prior approval of the Chair.

All applicants that have been accepted to the program will be asked to apply to the posted Teaching Assistantships sometime in late spring or early summer.

TAs may be held concurrently with other Fellowships whose conditions of award permit such a combination (these include Ontario Graduate Scholarships and some U of T Fellowships).

Applicants for TAs will be automatically considered for U of T Fellowships provided they apply for admission to the School of Graduate Studies before February 1 of the calendar year of intended admission.

Internal Scholarships & Awards

The following scholarships and awards are available from the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). Inquiries should be addressed to the Graduate Coordinator.

Connaught Scholarships

Up to 50 Connaught Scholarships will be awarded by the University of Toronto as entrance scholarships for graduate students with outstanding records who are entering a research-oriented graduate degree program. They are open equally to all disciplines. Nominations are made by the Department in February.

Milton A. Buchanan Fellowships

Funds from the estate of Milton A. Buchanan, former Chair of the department, provide fellowships to be awarded to outstanding candidates chosen from the Department of Italian Studies and from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese for thesis research for the University of Toronto Ph.D. degree. The amount awarded varies from year to year. Applicants must have completed their course work and residence requirements, and have passed their oral comprehensive examination, the Research Examination Essay and the oral examination on it. Deadline: consult Grad Coord.

Chancellor Jackman Graduate Student Fellowship in the Humanities

For a graduate student enrolled in a humanities program in the Faculty of Arts and Science. The recipient must be registered in the first five years of doctoral-stream study. Through nomination by graduate units to the Faculty of Arts and Science Student Awards Committee ($25,000). Deadline: March 15th

Vivienne Poy Chancellor’s Fellowships in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Awarded to master’s or doctoal students in a humanities and/or social sciences discipline (2 fellowships—$20,000 and remainder left in fund) Deadline: mid-March

George C. Metcalf Fellow (Victoria College)

Fellowship for graduate students of Victoria College who have completed their course work and field examinations (annual income & fellowship privileges). Deadline: April-May

Dr. Jan Blumenstein Graduate Fellowship in the Humanities

For humanities graduate students in the final stages of their doctorate. Apply to Humanities Centre, University College (annual income). Deadline: April 1st

Jukka-Pekka Saraste Graduate Fellowship in the Humanities

For humanities graduate students in the final stages of their doctorate. Apply to the Humanities Centre, University College (annual income). Deadline: April 1st 8

Louise Bennett Fellowship

For a graduate student a U of T working in the area of West Indian literature of drama in English, French or Spanish. Application is by way of nomination by faculty members (amount unspecified). Deadline: April 15

University of Toronto Women’s Association

Awarded on basis of academic merit to a full-time U of T graduate student pursuing doctoral work in the humanities. Preference given to students nearing dissertation completion. Nomination by graduate unit ($500). Deadline: end of April

UTPA Graduate In-Course Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to a Lusophone, graduate student who is in the process of completing a graduate program at the University of Toronto. In addition to rewarding academic performance, this scholarship recognizes students who have shown leadership through community involvement, extra-curricular activities and work experience. Deadline April 30, 2017. Download 2017 Application Form (PDF 461kb)

Loans and Bursaries

Please check the School of Graduate Studies for more information on this type of financial assistance.

External Scholarships & Awards

NOTE: Foreign students should realize that certain types of provincial government or Canadian government scholarships or fellowships are only available to citizens of those with Landed Immigrant status. The Department of Manpower and Immigration has indicated very clearly that Landed Immigrant status will not be granted to persons coming to Canada to study.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

The SSHRC offers scholarships, fellowships and grants in the social sciences and humanities. Among the Council's programs of aid are: Doctoral, Post-Doctoral and Leave Fellowships, and grants.

Brochures containing complete information on the SSHRC programs, including deadlines for annual competitions, are available online. Forms are normally available in September, with the deadline in mid-October (check with the Graduate Coordinator). Awards are restricted to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Apply for a SSHRC Grant

Ontario Graduate Scholarships

The Province of Ontario provides a number of graduate scholarships tenable at Ontario universities, for either two or three consecutive terms. These Scholarships are available for graduate studies in all disciplines. These awards are intended primarily for Canadian citizens, and preference will be given to Ontario residents.

Candidates must apply on the OGS website.

Apply for an OGS

Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Scholarships

For women who have completed a Masters degree and are pursuing further post-graduate study (preferably PhD.). Applications available June-January. ($5000) Deadline: February 1st

Apply for a DKGSI Scholarship (click here, then click "scholarships")

Becas de la Consejería de Educación en Estados Unidos y Canadá

Support by a branch of the Spanish embassy in Washington D.C. for studies in Spain.

Apply for a Beca (click here, then click "estudiar en España" > "becas y ayudas")

Associates of the University of Toronto Travel Award

Awarded on the basis of financial need to doctoral students in the humanities for research or study outside Canada. Deadline: None specified

SGS Travel Grants

Available to a limited number of doctoral students in the humanities for research or study outside Canada. Applications available in March. Deadline: mid-April

Apply for an SGS Travel Grant (click here, then on SGS Travel Grant Application Form at the bottom)

Edward W. Nuffield Graduate Travel Fellowship

Awarded to students pursuing a PhD. who must travel in order to conduct vital research. Deadline: None specified

University of Toronto Foundation Graduate Award

Awarded on basis of financial need to senior doctoral students attending a conference to present a paper. Limited to senior doctoral students in the Humanities or Social Sciences (awarded on alternating basis). Preference given to students completing their degree in 5 years or less. Nominations by the applicant’s graduate unit. Applicants must provide a statement to SGS outlining the purpose of the travel and a letter of support from their supervisor ($600 or cost of travel, whichever less). Deadline: end of April.

Youth Mobility Program

If you are Canadian and you live in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Yukon, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan or Nunavut, you can apply for a visa at the Spanish Consulate in Toronto.
If you are between 18 and 35 years old, youth mobility is an easy and quick way to have a Spanish experience during one year. THERE IS A QUOTA OF 1000 CANADIANS PER YEAR.

See the link below for a complete information:

Spain, Art & Culture in Canada

Consulate of Spain in Toronto: Youth mobility program between Spain and Canada

Gobierno de España

Embajada de España

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