Stephen J. Rupp

Stephen J. Rupp

Stephen RuppProfessor, BA, MA, MPh, PhD (Princeton, 1984)
Room 204 Northrope Frye Hall, (416) 813-4057
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Stephen Rupp completed his undergraduate education at the University of British Columbia and received his PhD in Comparative Literature from Princeton University. He teaches courses in early modern European literature in Spanish and in the Centre for Comparative Literature. His research focuses on the literary and intellectual traditions of early modern Spain and the relationship between literature and historical change. He has written on politics and political theory in Spanish drama and on the representation of warfare and soldiers’ lives in the works of Cervantes. A central question in his work is the use of literary genres—both traditional forms received from the classical tradition and the new genres of Renaissance Europe—to respond to conditions of historical and social change. He is currently working on Cervantes’s engagement with classical literature, particularly the three defining genres of Vergil’s poetry: eclogue, georgic, and epic.

Specialty Courses:


Cervantes and Renaissance Humanism
Reading Cervantes
Modern Spanish Drama and its Traditions


Cervantes and Modern Fiction
Court and Country in Early Modern Spain

Representative Publications

Heroic Forms: Cervantes and the Literature of War. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014.

Metamorphosis: The Changing Face of Ovid in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Ed. Alison Keith and Stephen Rupp. Toronto: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, 2007.

Allegories of Kingship: Calderón and the Anti-Machiavellian Tradition. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1996.

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