Sanda Munjic

Sanda Munjic

Associate Professor PhD (UC Berkeley, 2004).
Room 219 Northrop Frye Hall, (416) 585-4481, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Research interests:
My research interests include late medieval and early modern Spanish literature and culture, as well as Transatlantic studies of Imperial Spain and its New World colonial literature. Within this historical and geographical range, I am particularly interested in “sentimental” fiction, lyrical poetry, mysticism, pastoral and travel literature.

Over the past years, I have been especially attentive to the representations of love and suffering in medieval and early modern literature. Influenced most profoundly by feminist and postcolonial theoretical approaches, my interpretations of literary texts tend to focus on the concepts of subjectivity, power and violence.

I am currently conducting research for several articles that explore the representations of passions in early modern texts in conjunction with Renaissance Neoplatonism, early modern ethics, scientific thought and mysticism. My next book manuscript considers the role of passions in the so-called Spanish sentimental fiction, and the implications of such intense examination of psychological experiences for re-defining this fascinating genre of late medieval and early modern Spanish literature.



“My Sweet Enemy: The Politics of Amorous Suffering in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Literature.” Book manuscript, under contract with the University of Toronto Press.

Articles and Book Chapters:

Vindication of King Gaulo: Anger Management in Cárcel de amor.” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 91.4 (2014): 331-345.

Diego de San Pedro’s Cárcel de amor: Allegorizing the Role of Poets in a Well Ordered State.Revista Hispánica Moderna. 65:1 (2012): 81-99.

Leriano’s Suffering Subjectivity, or, the Politics of Sentimentality in Cárcel de amor.Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos. 32.2 (2008): 203-226.

“How Love Took Reason to Court: Diego de San Pedro’s Prison of Love.” In Words of Love, Love of Words. Ed. Albrecht Classen. Arizona Canter for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Tucson: University of Arizona, 2008. 461-476.

“A Reflection on Greed Through Bird Imagery: Ovidian Pre-Text in Góngora’s ‘Solitudes’.” In Metamorphoses: The Changing Face of Ovid in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Eds. Alison Keith and Stephen Rupp. Toronto: Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies, 2007. 251-266.

Specialty courses:

HUM 199 Dying of Love: Power, Gender, Identity
SPA 258 Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies
SPA 352 Writing and Culture
SPA 360 The Language of the Empire: Migration in Language and Literature
SPA 452 Early Modern Spanish Comedia

SPA 2121 Politics of Affect in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Love Literature
SPA 2171 Politics and Aesthetics of Early Modern Verse
SPA 2900 Issues in Literary Theory and Hispanic Texts
SPA 2912 Passions of the Soul and Spanish “Sentimental” Fiction
SPA 2352 Defining Journeys in the Spanish Empire 

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