Manuela Marujo

Manuela Marujo

Photo of M MarujoSenior Lecturer, Associate Chair (Portuguese) Lic Fil Ger, M.Ed; PhD (Toronto)
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Maria Manuela Vaz Marujo was born in Portugal. She came to the University of Toronto in 1985. Dr. Marujo has a Licenciatura in Filologia Germ?nica from the Universidade Clássica of Lisbon; an M.Ed and a PhD in Education from the University of Toronto.

Areas of research: Portuguese as a foreign and as a second language; bilingualism and language acquisition; immigrant experiences with focus on grandparents, youngsters and women.

Speciality courses:
Portuguese Language and Culture; Portuguese History and Civilization; Portuguese Island Culture.

Selected Publications:
Marujo, M. (co-author Marques, D.)“Early Portuguese Settlement in Toronto’s Little Italy” in de Klerck, D & Paina, C. (Eds) College Street: little Italy: Toronto renaissance strip, pp107-117, Mansfield Ed., Toronto, 2006

Marujo, M, Baptista, A & Nunes, R (Eds) The Voice and Choice of Portuguese Immigrant Women/A vez e a Voz da Mulher Imigrante Portugues, Depart. Spanish and Portuguese, University of Toronto, 2005

Marujo, M. “ Carnival and Easter Dances: From the Islands to the New World, Portuguese Studies Review, Vol.11, N.2, Winter-Spring 2003-2004, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario

Marujo, M. “Grandmothers and the mother tongue of the Portuguese diaspora/ As avós e o Português: a língua de afecto na diáspora portuguesa, in Simas, Rosa (ed.) Women in the Azores and the Immigrant Communities / A Mulher nos Açores e nas Comunidades: Ponta Delgada, Azores, 2003

Marujo, M. “Bilinguismo no Canadá - Desafios e Abordagens de uma sociedade multicultural, multiracial e multiétnica”, Actas do Congresso de Estudos Anglo-Portugueses, (Conference Proceedings of the Conference Anglo-Portuguese Studies) Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Lisboa, s/d 2003

Marujo, M. (children’s literature) The First Time I saw Snow /A Primeira Vez Que Eu Vi Neve, Campo das Letras, Portugal, 2003

Marujo, M. (co-author Baptista, A). “A Língua portuguesa na diáspora canadiana: Afirmação de uma Identidade” in Conference Proceedings of As Ciências Sociais nos Espaços da Língua Portuguesa: Balanços e Desafios , Faculdade de Letras, Universidade do Porto, Portugal, 2002

Marujo, M. (co-author Januario, I.) “Voices of Immigrant Women” in Carlos Teixeira & V. P. Da Rosa (Edt). The Portuguese in Canada - From the city to the sea. Toronto: University Press, 2000

Marujo, M. “Bridging Worlds With Words - An Invitation for Reflection”. Among Teachers Journal (OISE/UT) , Spring issue, 1997.

Marujo, M. “Mulheres emigrantes”. In Uma longa viagem - História da emigração Portuguesa para o Canadá. Ed. Maria Lopes & J. Lopes. University Press, 1996.

Marujo, M. “O ensino do Português nas escolas do Ontário”. In Le Portugais, Langue Internationale. Montreal: Université de Montreal, Centre de Langues Patrimoniales, 1994.

Marujo, M. (co-author Marques, D.) With hardened hands: a pictorial history of Portuguese emigration to Canada in the 1950's. New Leaf Pub., 1993.

Marujo, M. “Portuguese in Ontario: a photographic essay”. In Portuguese Migration in Global Perspective. Ed. David Higgs. Toronto: MSSO, 1990

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