Undergraduate Courses


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Enrolment in courses

You can use either the STS (Student Telephone Service) or ROSI, the Student Web Service. Most enrolment in courses offered by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese for the Winter Session will be completed in June and July of the previous year. Observation of rules about pre-requisites and exclusions is the responsibility of the student.


For detailed information on texts to be used, consult the instructor or the course coordinator. Prescribed texts and readings are included in the course outline material distributed by instructors during the first week of classes. It is not advisable to purchase any text before the reading list is confirmed by the instructor.

Assignments and evaluations

The definitive workload and marking scheme for each course will be provided by the instructor at the beginning of the course. The Department is governed by the University Grading Practices Policy.

Handing in term work

Departmental policy with regard to late submission of term work applies to all courses: For work received after the date set by the instructor, one mark out of 100 will be deducted per day (excluding weekends and holidays) up to a maximum of ten days. After these ten days work will not be accepted except on compassionate grounds. It is Faculty policy that all term work without exception must be submitted by the last day of classes in all courses.


In accordance with university policy, the final determination of whether or not auditors can be accepted in a course will be made by the instructor, except when the course has been formally filled. Auditors who are students registered in the university or employees of the university will not be charged an auditing fee except in cases where certificates of attendance are requested. All other must pay an audit fee as established by the university's Policy on Auditing of Courses.


Counselling on general undergraduate matters is available through your College Registrar's office. To discuss your courses in Spanish or Portuguese, speak with your instructor or the course coordinator. A composite list of instructors' regular weekly office hourse will be available in the department office. If these regular drop-in hourse are not convenient, instructore are also available for consultation by appointment.

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