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Course Offerings as of August 4, 2017

Code Course Title Instructor
Time / Location
FALL 2017        
SPA2291H The Urban Experience In Spain R. Davidson
R 4-6 VC102
SPA2304H Latin American Cinema E.-L. Jagoe
M 3-5 NF008
SPA2415H Disability and Latin American Cultural Production S. Antebi
T 3-5 NF205
SPA1105H Spanish Phonology L. Colantoni
T 12-3 VC211
SPA1088H Spanish Syntax A. Pérez-Leroux
R 2-4 NF205
SPA1093H Introduction to Hispanic Ling. I. Marinescu
M 1-4 VC211
COL5086H Literature, Culture and Contact in Medieval Iberia (Collaborative Program) J. Ross
T 10-12 BT319
SPRING 2018        
MST 3602H Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages Y. Iglesias
T 10-12 LI 301
SPA2121H Politics of Affect S. Munjic
R 12-2 NF231
SPA2905H Theories of Latin American Cultures N. Rodríguez
M 2-4 NF205
SPA2432H Text and Image in Latin American Culture R. Sarabia
T 1-3 NF235
SPA1090H Second Language Speech Learning A. Rato
W 3-6 NF235
SPA2016H Medieval Spanish Narrative Y. Iglesias
W 1-3 NF332
SPA1080H Descriptive Grammar of Spanish A. Pérez-Leroux
T 3-5 & R 3-4 VC206
SPA1101H Topics on the Acquisition of Spanish S. Lima
M 4-6 NF008

Y=full course all year 
F=half course first term (Sept.-Dec.) 
S=half course second term (Jan.-Apr.) 
EM=Emmanuel College, 75 Queen's Park Crescent 
VC=Victoria College, 91 Charles Street West 
NF=Northrop Frye Hall, 73 Queen's Park Crescent 
OH=Odette Hall, Clover Hill, 50 St. Joseph's Street
PR=E.J. Pratt Library, 71 Queen's Park Crescent East 
Comp. Lit.=Centre for Comparative Literature, 93 Charles Street West, 3rd floor

Registration Procedures

New and continuing students begin their registration at the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) with payment of fees. (NB: Continuing students cannot register if they have any outstanding debts from the previous year, e.g., fees, library fines, bookstore debts, Health Service charges, etc., or if the terminal date for completion of the degree has expired.) Students then proceed to the Graduate Coordinator of the Department who, in consultation with the student, enters the courses to be taken on a registration form. The signed form is then sent to the SGS for approval. Changes may still be made in a student's program, but such changes must be reported to the Graduate Coordinator. All changes and final enrolment must be completed by September 26.

For students in the Ph.D. program, registration covers a full calendar year, from September until the end of August of the following year. Students in the M.A. program who intend to engage in research, reading, and/or course work during the summer must register separately for the Summer Session. Forms for Summer Registration are available from the Graduate Coordinator in late April.

Dates for Changes

Sept. 26
Final date to enrol in full (Y,A,L) courses and in half (H,F) courses
Final date for submission of enrolment forms to SGS
Oct. 31
Final date to withdraw from A or F courses without academic penalty (the forms must be at SGS by this date)
Jan. 23
Final date to enrol in B and S courses
Feb. 27
Final date to withdraw from Y, H, L, S courses or from a program without academic penalty (the forms must be at SGS by this date)

Course Work Deadlines

Course work must be completed in sufficient time to allow grades to be submitted by the following dates:

A, F courses
Jan. 13
Y, H, B, S courses
May 11
L courses
Sept. 1

An extension may be permitted in Y, H, B and S courses. However, individual professors may with to follow the SGS ruling (i.e. submission of grades by May 11) and may, therefore, establish earlier deadlines for completion of work in their courses. For grading practices, consult the Calendar.



If a student has a problem with a course, he or she should first approach the instructor in the course. If the problem cannot be resolved at this stage, one should go to the Graduate Coordinator, who should also be consulted concerning a problem of more general nature. The next step is the Chair of the Department and then the Associate Dean, Division I, School of Graduate Studies. There is an appeals committe at SGS which is empowered to deal with every aspect of academic programs within SGS.

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